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Sunperior Shelving accepts all major credit cards.Superior Shelving accepts all major credit cards.    1968-2019   Sunperior Shelving accepts all major credit cards.Superior Shelving accepts all major credit cards.

  • wire rack label holder

    WIRE•RAC™ Label Holders

    Our #1 Seller!

    A flexible plastic label holder that makes labeling wire shelving a breeze.  Just snap it on for a perfect fit - snap it off to reposition.  Designed for most wire shelving with a 1¼" frame like from Nexel, Metro, Jaken, Eagle, ISS, Focus, etc.

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  • SuperScan laber holder

    SUPERSCAN™ Label Holders

    Extra large 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, and 9x11 sizes for pallet rack applications and work jackets.  Shelf tags are bar code compatible.  Self-adhesive, magnetic, or hook & loop backings. 3x5 and 4x6 also come in a top load style for totes, tubs, and carts.

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  • Holdex laber holder

    HOL•DEX® Label Holders

    The Holdex series comes in 7 face sizes to choose from. Self-adhesive or magnetic backings.

    Durable plastic has matte finish and is BAR CODE COMPATIBLE.  Available in Red, Blue, Green, Lemon, and Clear.

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  • Magnetic write on tags

    Write-On Magnetic Tags

    A fast, simple and less expensive way of labeling. Our newly formulated write-on/wet erase tags have an aggressive magnetic backing. The vinyl top coating makes marking with any standard wet erase marker a "snap". There are many uses for these tags. Three standard widths are avaiable: 1", 2", and 3" wide.

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  • warehouse aisle sign

    Warehouse Aisle Sign Kit

    Now you can create your own customized warehouse aisle signs at a fraction of the cost!

    Warehouse sign posting starts in the aisle and there is NO better system than our new Aisle Sign Kit. This unique product snaps into pallet rack assembly holes - just snap out to relocate.

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  • slip strip laber holder


    Stick our Slip•Strip label holders anywhere you need to mount or display bar codes, messages, or any other information. "Slip" a label, sign, or message through the open edge of the holder for quick and easy labeling and label changes. Holds all sizes and types of labels, even up to letter size!

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  • Open Edge laber holder

    OPEN•EDGE™ Label Holders

    OPEN•EDGE™ is a less expensive alternative to HOL•DEX®.  Primary use is on industrial shelving or for any large application. This label holder is made from 10 mil PVC and comes in many different widths. Because the top edge is open throughout the entire strip, you can insert the paper labels easily, anywhere. Self-adhesive backing.

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These label tags are our most popular sellers, however we have many more styles, e.g. plastic label holders for bins, magnetic strips, etc. in our online store.

Download an Aigner Index label holder catalog in pdf form.

All Aigner Index label holders are proudly made in the USA!