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Accessories & Replacement Parts for Nexel wire shelving

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Document Holde
Document Holder

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#AH List: $24.00
Your Price: $12.65
Utility Basket
Utility Basket
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#ASW177 List: $48.00
Your Price: $26.72
Small Collar Hook
Small Collar Hook
(used for hanging items off posts)
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#SSB1C List: $17.00
Your Price: $9.91
Large Collar Hook
Large Collar Hook (used for hanging items off posts)
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#SSB2C List: $17.00
Your Price: $9.91

Label Holders
Label Holders

Visit our Aigner Label Holder store for a complete line of label holders
Triangular Foot Plate
Triangular Foot Plate
(secure your unit to the floor)
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#AF List: $4.50
Your Price: $2.50
Shelf Collar Plug
Shelf Collar Plug
(plug unused shelf collars for a clean look)
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#AL List: $0.75
Your Price: $0.69
Post Clamps
Post Clamps
#ACX List: $5.75
Your Price: $3.24

#AC List: $5.50
Your Price: $3.10
S Hooks
"S" Hooks
(used for making add-on units, or "L" shaped units)
Sold in 12-pack.

#AS List: $10.00
Your Price: $8.35
Floor Glide
Non-Marring Floor Glide
(Helps to protect your floors from the metal leveling screw.)

#AG List: $3.50
Your Price: $3.13
Aluminum Shelf Clip
Aluminum Shelf Clip
(Ring locks clip into place.  Also makes units static dissipative - use with grounding chain.)

#AMA List: $13.00
Your Price: $8.35
Wall Mounting Bracket
Wall Mounting Bracket

(Secure your units to the wall.)

#AW2C List: $7.00
Your Price: $4.39
Power Strip
6 Outlet Power Strip (fits 60" wide units only)
#APC6 List: $290.00
Your Price: $145.29

See our
casters page

Bin Rail
Bin Rail (Top item in photo. Fits 60" wide units only)
#BR60 List: $49.00
Your Price: $24.55

Reel Holder (Bottom item in photo. Fits 60" wide units only)
#AR60 List: $64.00
Your Price: $32.06
Rubber MalletRubber Mallet
#ARM List: $6.25
Your Price: $3.91
Wire Keyboard Shelf
Wire Keyboard Shelf
25"W x 11"D
#AKD211 List: $77.00
Your Price: $38.58

This keyboard tray accepts keyboards up to 21"W x 11"D.
Adjustable height.
Requires 18" or deeper shelf to fit flush with front of shelf when closed.

Grounding ChainGrounding Chain
#AGK List: $12.00
Your Price: $6.68
Push Handles
Push Handles
#AE18C List: $24.00
Your Price: $13.36

#AE21C List: $25.00
Your Price: $13.92

#AE24C List: $26.00
Your Price: $14.48

The following items are not necessary to make a complete unit since they come standard with their respective items, however they are available separately if you need them.

Shelf Clips
Shelf Clips

Includes 4 pairs - enough for one shelf.

(these tapered plastic shelf clips/split sleeves come with each shelf)
#AM List: $2.50
Your Price: $1.67

Post Leveler Bolt
Post Leveler Bolt & Insert

(these come with the posts)

#AX List: $6.00
Your Price: $3.96
Post Cap

Post Cap

(these come with the posts)

#AP List: $0.75
Your Price: $0.48
Donut Bumper
3.5" Donut Bumper

(these come with the casters)

#AB3 List: $3.50
Your Price: $2.33

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Nexel Parts and Accessories

Nexel parts and accessories help you to make the most of your shelving system. Designed to fit perfectly with your Nexel wire shelves, these above pictured items not only make your shelving more versatile, they make them safer, too!

The aluminum shelf clips can be used on stationary shelving or mobile wire carts to "lock" the shelves into position so they don't come loose when being transported assembled or when wheeled across a rough surface. And you can easily re-position the shelves when necessary.

You can mount your units to the wall, floor, and to each other with the wall mounting brackets, foot plates, and post clamps. Great for top heavy loads, in earthquake prone areas, or just extra peace of mind.

Get organized with our document holders, utility baskets, and label holders. You'll never say, "Now where did I put...?" again!


(The above photographs are representations only. Nexel reserves the right to change the design, style, materials, etc., which may alter the appearance of the product.

All sizes listed are nominal.)